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Now that summer has arrived, it’s time for long sunny days and parties in the garden.

Water Fun

  1. Children can have hours of fun on inflatable water slides. Team this with other water games. Water balloons are always popular and can be used for many different games in the sun. An easy one is to get children in pairs and ask them to throw the water balloon to each other, the pair whose balloon bursts last wins. Garden sprinklers are a safe way for children to get splash happy. Just make sure that you ask parents to bring a change of clothes and that you have plenty of fresh towels for the children to dry off before going home.

    Bubbles of Fun 

  2. Young children love bubbles, especially outdoors when they can chase them or watch them float higher and higher out of sight. Human-sized bubbles are a great novelty for little ones. For a do-it-yourself version, a small round paddling pool filled with bubble mixture and a hula-hoop is perfect.
  1. Join the Bug Trail 

  2. Treasure hunts, like Easter Egg hunts, are always popular with little ones. For a twist on this try a bug hunt – don’t worry, it’s with plastic bugs. Hide the bugs around the garden and give each child a little plastic jar to catch them in. You can have fun afterwards guessing what kind of insects they are, and as an added incentive you can say that any bugs they find are theirs to keep.
  3. Party Table

  4. Set up the table outside and put mini windmills in the children’s cups to make a spinning spectacular. Or, why not have a picnic. Put out rugs and blankets for the children to sit on and put party food in cardboard lunchboxes to create a proper picnic theme.
  5. Fairground Fun

  6. Games such bowling are always popular and are easier than you think to set up. You can use plastic bottles to create the skittles and a ball to knock them over. Put numbers on the skittles and add up the totals to find a winner. Have a flying frog contest or a Frisbee throwing competition and see who can get theirs the furthest.
  1. Some great ideas to keep the kids entertained, which won’t (hopefully!) break the bank.We stock lots of things you could use for parties, but if we don’t have what you want on our website just ask! We can source most things with some reasonable notice.


Everyone knows we love butterflies here at Fab Party Bags! We’ve added a range called ‘Glamour Girl’; it’s a mix of pretty pastel colours, butterflies and girly accessories. Here is how you add some sparkle to your next celebration!

Glamour Girl Party Bags

Here are our top tips for using our glamour girl themed party bags and party bag fillers. Start off with a butterfly party bag then add butterfly stickers and shiny glitter tattoos.

Add Gorgeous Accessories

Every little girl loves a bit of sparkle! Add dazzling accessories to your party bag. Choose from bracelets, hair clips and hair bobbles to add that touch of glamour. Or, add a sticker activity book to go with our sparkly pencils and fabulous lipstick erasers, a must for any girls pencil case! Finally finish it off with one of our glitzy butterfly purses; the perfect accessory for any girl around town!


After a few months of planning, Fab Party Bags are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new website and blog! We have had the website designed to make it easy to navigate so that you can find the products you need quickly and easily to give you a better shopping experience with us. We will be updating our blog to keep you up to date with all our new products as well as regular top tips about party planning, party games and, of course, party bags! We hope you like our new website……… we certainly do!